Musicians for your wedding ceremony in the East Midlands

Music plays a very important role in a wedding ceremony so you should select the ceremonial songs for your special occasion that are right for you. Music sets the mood and adds to the whole romance of the ceremony.

You may well have favourite songs in mind but you need to plan when they should be played and how it works in with the ceremony as a whole. There are prelude songs played while guests wait for the ceremony to start, wedding party processional songs, bride's processional songs, interlude and recessional songs (signing the register), and upbeat happy songs to be played after the wedding party has left and the guests get ready to leave.

If you want to make it extra special, then why not choose a live music band or group, though you must check with the venue first to understand any possible restrictions.

Here’s some great musicians based in East Midlands from places like Northampton, Milton Keynes, Lincoln, Nottingham, Leicestershire and Derby, whom you might want to get in touch with...

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Featured Musicians for your wedding ceremony in the East Midlands

Blue Lion Band

Visit the Blue Lion Band website  Visit the Facebook page for Blue Lion Band 

High Energy Live Music to Pack Your Dance Floor!

The Blue Lion Band are live music experts, wedding enthusiasts, and party starters, infusing every event with energy and full dance floors. Get your party jumping!


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Q: For our wedding, we want to make the atmosphere as romantic as possible. What are the key moments of the day to include music and what songs are the best to make a big impact? Sarah says: Music always plays an important part at a special occasion and by choosing live songs for a wedding, you can make your day extra special.... read more

Posted: 24 March 2020