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Glamp it up

Glamp it up

Q. The ultimate must-have for a festival wedding is a tipi but we have lots of guests so would it be large enough?

A. Jodie Bidder says: Tipis help to create a celebration space that you can't help but party in! They interconnect to create one event space, so if you need a little extra room you can simply add on another tipi.

For the perfect wedfest, you might not want to join them together and instead have different spaces for different activities. For example, the 'boozy' tipi where your bar's located along with some relaxed seating and the main 'dance tipi' with live music.

If you want all your guests to be seated at the same time for your meal, then one large space would work better. However, if you're opting for a more relaxed street food option where guests can grab food when they choose, it gives a little more flexibility to how you want your tipi space to work for you.

Jodie Bidder