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Show of affection

Show of affection

Q. For our wedding, we want to make the atmosphere as romantic as possible. What are the key moments of the day to include music and what songs are the best to make a big impact?

A. Sarah Huson-Whyte says: Sarah says: Music always plays an important part at a special occasion and by choosing live songs for a wedding, you can make your day extra special.

We recommend a relaxed piece for the bridal entrance so that you can take your time walking down the aisle. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri and Tale as Old as Time by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson are firm favourites but the options are endless. We often play bespoke arrangements of songs that mean a lot to a couple but sometimes the simplicity of something like Pachelbel's Canon in D provides a beautiful atmosphere.

Whilst you're signing the register and having photos it's lovely to have some calm background music. If there's a song you'd like to have as a prominent feature in the ceremony, you could choose to have a music interlude instead of a reading; All of Me by John Legend and Songbird by Eva Cassidy and moving songs that create a romantic ambience.

At the end of the ceremony, it's ideal to have an upbeat song as you're pronounced husband and wife. It should be something celebratory, uplifting, significant and loud enough for your guests to hear above all the clapping! Best Day of My Life by American Authors, Happy by Pharrell Williams and Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon are very popular, but you could stick to something traditional and impressive like the Mendelssohn Wedding March.

Music during the reception is a great way of entertaining your guests and you can handpick every song to create the perfect vibe for the special day.

Sarah Huson-Whyte


Creating the ambience with background music

Creating the ambience with background music

Q. What style of background music would you suggest for our ceremony to create a lovely romantic vibe?

A. Bethany Morris says: The most important thing is that you choose something that reflects you as a couple. The key to creating the atmosphere you want is in the arrangements your supplier uses. I have some fantastic, pared back arrangements for the cello and piano of tracks by Calvin Harris, Arcade Fire and Rhianna that you wouldn't think of picking but that actually create a really relaxed, romantic ambience.

If your supplier doesn't have recordings on their website then ask if they could put a sample selection together for you, or better still if there's a chance of seeing them play live try and see them. This way you'll get a feel of their performance style and will be able to see if it fits with what you want.

Bethany Morris