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Feeling your best

Feeling your best

Q. I want to start feeling good inside and out while working on my health, but I'm overwhelmed and don't know where to start. What would you suggest?

A. Jessica Neary says: If you're wanting to improve your overall health, a mixture of cardiovascular (such as swimming or running) and resistance (weight) training is a great place to start. Doing both together using a structured programme has multiple benefits including reducing body fat, increasing metabolism, better posture, muscle structure and improving overall general health.

Having a goal is a great way to keep motivated, whether you'd like to achieve an aesthetic or physicalbased goal. For example, if you'd like to run a 5K, don't start with 'I need to get to 5K.' Start by setting smaller ones first such as 500m, 1K and increase the distance. Building up this way is going to make it feel much more manageable and stop you feeling deflated when you can't reach it straight away – health takes time, patience and dedication. Try to find new things you enjoy – a quick way to become demotivated is by doing exercise you don't like. There's plenty of choice out there whether online classes from the comfort of your living room to joining a sports team. The world's your oyster!

Jessica Neary, S3LF

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