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Best day ever for James and Katy

James and Katy met through mutual friends and it became clear that they shared a strong connection after a few dates. Katy says, "We were confident in each other's company; every conversation was so effortless and full of laughter."

It was evident from the early stages of the relationship that they had found the one. Katy comments, "We've always had a way of making natural progressions throughout our relationship, without always thoroughly speaking about them beforehand."... read more

Time for love

Kirsty and Ryan's love story began at a friend's New Year's Eve party back in 2010. She says, "Ryan was sat across the table from me and as cheesy as it sounds, I just knew there and then that I wanted to be with him. We instantly clicked and have rarely been apart since that first meeting." Three years later, Ryan proposed to Kirsty in front of their friends at another New Year's Eve party. He put the ring in a champagne glass, which Kirsty nearly drank, and got on one knee as midnight hit. She says, "I knew he was going to propose as we'd been ring shopping a few months earlier, but I had no idea when he would be asking and it was a huge surprise."... read more

Best day ever!

Joshua and Elizabeth first met on a Christian dating app where they hit it off almost immediately. Elizabeth says, "I knew Josh was the one when all ideas of what the perfect relationship should look like didn't matter anymore – I'm so happy by his side and wouldn't change anything about him." For Josh, he knew she was perfect early on in the relationship as they shared a similar sense-of-humour and interests.... read more

Bohemian vibes

After an introduction through mutual friends, it wasn't until nine years ago that Amber and Aaron really got to know each other at a local music festival. Amber says, "We were glued together all day; I loved how kind, caring and funny he was – we've been inseparable ever since." Back in June 2015, Aaron proposed during a trip away in Newcastle to celebrate Amber's birthday. She says, "I had no idea it was coming; he was nervous all day and then brought out a scrapbook with pictures from over the last few years. There was a photo on the last page of our, at the time, 10-month-old baby in a babygrow saying 'mummy – will you marry daddy?' It melted my heart and I immediately said yes!"... read more

A day to remember for Joseph and Angela

Joseph and Angela's adventure together first started when they crossed paths at work. After three years of just being friends/colleagues, one night changed everything. During a night shift, the pair started chatting more and realised how well they got on and shared the same sense of humour. Angela says, "I think pretty early on we both knew it was special as we're very well suited. Joe always describes me as 'The Laurel to his Hardy', I love that as we're meant to be together."... read more

True love for Michael and Rebekah

Michael and Rebekah first discovered each other online and decided to go on a date to the cinema. "I can remember talking on the first night where we clicked so quickly," says Rebekah. "I invited him round to cook together and watch The X Factor for our third date. I felt so comfortable in my environment with this man I felt so connected to!... read more

Beautifully boho

Simon first met Siân through mutual friends and she caught his eye after a few meetings. Siân says, "When I realised I was interested in Simon, we went on a six-hour-long date and spent ages talking the following day." She adds, "I knew within the first few months I'd found the one!" Fast forward eight months and Simon had a huge question to ask.... read more

Love is all around Robert and Wendy

After working for the same employer, Robert and Wendy first met after he challenged her to identify a rogue piece of metal contamination. From that moment, the pair would occasionally bump into each other and after a while, realised their compatibility. Wendy says, "We were both separated from our partners at the time and found it easy to talk and support each other through the difficult times we were both experiencing." She adds:... read more

A day to remember for Zoe and Sammy

Zoe and Sammy's wedding featured shades of mauve, blush, plum and burgundy with touches of navy and rose gold. Zoe and Sammy's love story first started when they met at work and bonded over their mutual love of food and drink – they quickly realised they had a lot in common and made a great team. Zoe says, "Sammy has the most infectious laugh and smells good. It's impossible not to notice him because he's so confident and fun."... read more

Feel the love

Celebrations were all around at Jamie and Victoria's wedding. Jamie first crossed paths with Victoria when he travelled from New Zealand to Rutland to play rugby. After a few dates the pair started to feel a connection. Victoria says, "After making one of my famous wrappinis from my coffee shop, Jamie soon began to fall for me – as they say, a way to a man's heart is through his belly."... read more

Naturally beautiful

Jill and Adam spent their big day surrounded by loved ones. Jill and Adam's story started back in 2013 at a teacher training course at Nottingham Trent University. Jill says, "We first started talking in a science lecture where we argued about who had created the better poster on volcanoes – this debate is still ongoing." The couple bonded over multiple hobbies including music, with Adam introducing Jill to King Blues, a British punk rock band who at the time had split but later on reformed. It was during the performance of Jill's favourite song I Want You that Adam proposed. Jill says, "Adam had worn the ring around his neck all day at work, checking every couple of minutes that it hadn't fallen off the string. As that song began, he placed it around my neck. He didn't say anything or get down on one knee, we just kept dancing!"... read more

Party people

Jasmine and Robert met at a festival, with their friendship soon developing into a fairytale romance. Jasmine and Robert first met in 2014 at a Derbyshire festival through mutual friends where they created amazing memories as a group, spending their time laughing and having fun. After the trip, the pair got talking on social media. Jasmine says, "We talked for a few days then he asked me if I fancied going out some time, to be honest, I wasn't overly interested but my mum persuaded me to give it a chance."For their first date, the pair set off to the cinema and afterwards grabbed some drinks, where they spoke for hours about shared interests such as music, history and travel.Four years later on a family holiday in Benalmadena, Rob decided to surprise Jasmine during a walk when he got down on one knee. Jasmine recalls this moment saying, "I couldn't speak or breathe! I was going to say 'no' as a joke but realised it was not the time. He asked me if it was a 'yes', which I nodded my head to as I couldn't find the words!"... read more

All you need is love for something beautiful

All you need is love: What started as a game of pool for Bill and Becky developed into something beautiful. Bill and Becky's adventure started when they first met at University and from there, the connection grew between the two over games of pool. Becky says, "We found each other to be genuine and we share a lot of the same values. We both like to have our interests and take that time for ourselves but we also make a great team."... read more

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