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Children can get bored, tired and agitated which in hand makes the Parents not so happy too. This usually means one of the parents, if not both, leave early & you lose the guests you hoped would stay until the end!

What better way to all enjoy the day than to have Sweetheart Nannies on-site to help deter all of these things happening.

We provide a mobile creche setup with nannies for children of all ages 0-12 years that will keep them entertained & out of mischief for as little or as long as you require.

Mobile Crèche

Our mobile creche services include: Soft play, Building blocks, Cars, Dolls, Activity mats, Giant games, Outdoor games, Space hoppers, Non-Messy craft (Stickers, Decorate your own flag, Jewellery making, Biscuit decorating etc), TV/DVD player, Sleep mats, Soft flooring & blankets to name just a selection!


Categories: Crèche Services & Babysitting

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