East Midlands fitness expert shares her top tips on getting ready for a wedding day

Bridal fitness expert Jess Neary has been working with women who are ready to put themselves first to feel and look great. By working closely with each client using a successful step-by-step approach, results are delivered – whether they’ve dropping a dress size or just wanting to feel their best. Jess is the perfect coach to support couples every step of the way up and here she shares her advice. 


East Midlands fitness expert shares her top tips on getting ready for a wedding day: Image 1 When it comes to your wedding the planning, preparation and organising can be exciting, but at times, you may also feel a sense of overwhelming. Whether things aren't going to plan around the seating arrangements, or how people are getting to and from the venue, try not to worry. Know that the most important thing to prioritise amongst all your to-do list is in fact, yourself.Wedding stress is a common theme amongst many brides, yet there's little guidance on how to combat the never-ending tasks that create worry, and over some time, these may also begin to take a toll on our mental and physical health. Losing sleep, headaches or feeling overly emotional are just some of the symptoms that brides-to-be dismiss as they try to move forward with their wedding plans which should be a happy and exciting time.

Self-care has been around for many years but has taken a real focus as people's work and home life has become more demanding. Just taking a look on Instagram under the self-care hashtag brings back a whopping 22 million search results, showing its increase in popularity over recent years. When it comes to your health, especially when there's a demanding task such as planning a wedding. Self-care can be an essential tool to help you plan and execute your wedding in good health.
Here are some of the top tips for reducing wedding stress:

Take Some Time Out

Pencil in a day of the week where you will take the time out to focus on yourself. It could be anything from 10 minutes to a full afternoon, however, this is an opportunity for you to focus on no- one else but yourself away from the wedding planning. It could be sitting down with a cup of tea in a quiet place or reading a book in the bath, you make the rules on this 'me-time'.

Get Active
Taking part in an exercise class, heading out for a run or hiring a coach to help with your goals is a great way to reduce stress. Forgetting about your to-do list and giving into moving your body produces endorphins which are the happy hormones released in the brain, in turn, this also helps improve sleep quality which is win-win if you're having sleepless nights.

Be Mindful
Many brides-to-be may want to make some changes ahead of their wedding so they can look and feel their best. Crash or fad-diets can be dangerous and although provide initial results, can be damaging overall to your health. Be aware that many weight loss diet is not scientifically backed and result in more weight gain as a result of restriction. Instead of following a progressive plan (1-2lbs a week) and allow yourself to enjoy the celebrations in the lead up to and around your wedding with an attitude of balance in mind.

Ask For Help
People around you who love and care wouldn't want to see you struggle. Do not be afraid to ask for help or support with wedding tasks. Somethings you may want to do yourself but ask your partner, family and friends to even do things together, this is a great way to bond whilst still ticking a task off your list.

Self-care doesn't have to be what typically comes to mind. It really can be anything you want it to be. It could be practising saying no or even taking a step back to gain some clarity. All of these things can help brides-to-be get the headspace they need to reduce some of the pressures around planning a wedding.

Feeling your best starts from the inside-out, so ensuring you have this in mind will not only allow you to plan your dream wedding. It will also enable you to do it whilst feeling your best.

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