Local planner has advice for couples during the COVID-19 pandemic

Local planner has advice for couples during the COVID-19 pandemic: Image 1 The current situation is affecting couples across the UK, the world even and Hannah Rose wedding planner at Complete Rose Events has some top tips and advice for couples needing to re-plan their dream days.

1. Do you have wedding insurance – if so, get in touch and see what they can offer you, if not, suppliers and venues are being flexible to accommodate, have an honest conversation with them.

2. Think of an appropriate time scale – nobody wants to postpone their wedding twice. If you have a wedding in say May/June, postponing to July/August may not be the best idea as we don't know where the situation will be by this point

3. Your wedding day is very important, but so is the health of your friends and family – do you have elderly relatives or people coming aboard, children, babies? If so, you may need to delay longer than you are currently thinking to ensure it is safe for them. You may not be thinking of moving your date at all and risking the ban on ceremonies being lifted, but again, think about if this is safe for all guests.

Local planner has advice for couples during the COVID-19 pandemic: Image 2 4. Change the date cards – many designers are offering free designs for you to print out at home, or even better, email to your guests

5. Do something nice on your would have been wedding day – take a stroll to one of your favourite spots (please don't forget social distancing though!) or cook a meal from the country you got engaged in

6. You can still get married at the registry office with 5 people present (Bride, Groom, registrar, 2 x witnesses) this varies in cost, but you could still get married, then have a celebrant perform a non-legal service along with your wedding reception in winter or 2021 - from 23rd March to 13th April, this is not possible at all, but the ban may be lifted after this date.

7. Utilise suppliers offers that they have available for 2021, plus all of the time/knowledge/guidance people are offering. Every self-employed person (much of the wedding industry!) has gone from having packed diaries to minimal bookings, some suppliers you struggle to get hold of as they are so busy are now at home, in front of their laptops, fighting for business. Take advantage and utilise everything they are offering. Remember to give back by sharing and liking posts, giving reviews and even booking them if you still need specific services!

Local planner has advice for couples during the COVID-19 pandemic: Image 3 8. Winter weddings are beautiful – have you thought of changing your wedding ideas and opting for a late autumnal day with deep reds and burnt oranges, or a Christmas themed wedding with silvers or classic reds, greens and golds? We have plenty of inspiration on our Instagram to give you ideas!

9. We are all in this together – the universe isn't against you, every couple is in the same position right now, along with your venue and suppliers. Speak with us, we completely understand where you are coming from!

10. Your health, mental health, wellbeing and your partner/family are number one priority right now. Take some time out from wedding planning, spend some alone time together at home. Cook a meal together, bake, binge watch Netflix, get out in the garden and take part in a partner workout – wedding planning may have got on top of you, sit back, relax and remember why you committed to your wedding in the first place – because you love each other!

Local planner has advice for couples during the COVID-19 pandemic: Image 4 11. If your venue/suppliers agree to postpone your day, make sure that whatever form of confirmation they gave you originally, you get this again for your new date.

12. Be aware that suppliers and venues will be getting a lot of communication from couples and are probably dealing with each event/wedding in a chronological order – they aren't ignoring you and will come back to you.

13. People will be on edge in crowds for some time, allow for this in your wedding day, don't cram people in, offer hand sanitiser, think about having a quiet area for elderly guests and a child's area so people can separate themselves if they want. Utilise outside areas by adding décor, even in winter by adding blankets and candles, so people can get fresh air.

14. Let people help you, whether its one of your family or your wedding planner, let people get involved with contacting suppliers or letting your guests know your new date. If guests are coming from abroad, make sure they know to check flight and hotel postponement details and ask them to do this themselves. If they are struggle, ask a member of your family to help them or maybe they could all take part in a zoom call to help each other – one thing off of your list!

15. Your day WILL come, it's just a delay on your forever!

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