A few helpful tips to reduce wedding stress

Two hands linked by little finger Planning a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic can be a stressful experience and if you're struggling, here's some helpful advice from Felicia Jones at Stress Less Living. She says, "The thing about stress is that biologically, it's an adaptive response. We should respond to stress and then move on (or adapt) but added stress can prevent this from happening.It's important to identify the causes to support yourself, it sounds so simple but can be useful. Are your stressors internal with the fear of something happening or not happening? Or is it external such as worrying about the guest list and who can come? Ask yourself, why is this stressful for me? What can I do to lessen the impact, and who do I need to help me with this?

"Food can also support you, ensure you eat regularly so that your blood sugar levels are stable and won’t have you fluctuating all over the place. Incorporate magnesium and vitamin B rich foods like; whole grains, nuts, avocado, kale, beans, lentils and chicken into your diet, which are natural relaxants and support our energy. You deserve a relaxed, blissfully and happy wedding day!"

Check out: www.stresslessliving.co.uk

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