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Take the perfect engagement ring selfie

couple on a beach one on bended knee proposing Unbelievably, #EngagementRingSelfie has 17,952 posts on Instagram! This means you need to take a picture like a pro when posting online, and making it bang on trend. Printing experts Parrot Print have created a list of tips of how to take the perfect engagement ring selfie as the wedding season resumes; from the location, to the lighting everything needs to be considered for picture-perfect shots of pre-wedded bliss.

couple getting engaged in front of christmas tress Location Is Key
You'll want to remember this moment forever, so make sure to choose somewhere special to you both; the exact spot of your proposal, where you had your first date or even just a stunning sunset all work perfectly. We'd recommend choosing somewhere outside if possible, as this allows natural light to flow into the photo.

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting
Your new ring will likely be the focus of the photo, and lighting can make or break how it comes across through the lense. Choose somewhere with a good natural light source so you can turn the flash off and see the ring in all its glory (flashes and harsh lighting can ruin the appearance of your diamond!). Adding in a touch of gentle lighting from a window or an outdoor space will help your stone to appear radiant, rather than too bright or too dull and off-white.

The Pose
The classic 'hand outstretched and close to the camera' picture is always a good one, but if you don't want to look too posed, you can try holding a prop in your hand to show off your ring.

two hands holding ring in picture Anything from a fun ring-shaped balloon to a glass of bubbles or a bridal magazine is easy and readily available. To combat any stiff, awkward hands, the ring-wearer can try putting their arm around their partner to allow the ring to be front and centre of the photo in a natural stance. Happy and relaxed is how you feel around your new spouse-to-be, so you'll want this to come across in photos; try putting your camera on burst mode and have some fun moving around in different poses. This will allow the pictures to come across more wholesome and catch some of you laughing and smiling, which will probably be the ones you'll like best!

Hands On Point
Your hands will be the main focus of the picture, so you'll want them looking their best; treat yourself to a manicure before shooting if you can, or even just apply a bit of moisturiser and grab a nail file to get your mitts looking neat and tidy. In terms of nail colours, we'd recommend you go for anything that makes you feel the most confident. Pale pinks, nude tones and french manicures are popular choices for engagement ring photos, as they allow the ring to shine and take centre stage!

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