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Caught on camera

Caught on camera

Q. Our big day is fast approaching and we're thinking of booking a videographer, but we're not sure what to look for. Do you have any tips?

A. Georgia Lomas says: Booking a videographer can be a big investment and decision to make. Good wedding companies will be booked up way in advance, so make sure you plan ahead. If you have a tight budget, look for new companies who may be offering an introduction package to build their portfolios. It's also a good idea to look for a local business as you could save on fuel and travel costs.

When looking for a wedding videographer, it's a good idea to get some recommendations. There are many fantastic wedding support groups on social media pages where couples can ask for recommendations or advice on anything wedding related. Check out the company's customer testimonials and online reviews too.

Always check out the wedding portfolio videos as well because videographers have a range of styles; watch the clips to see what one you like the best.

Here at GeeK Video, we film in a documentary style, which means all your footage will be natural and captured in the moment.

Georgia Lomas, GeeK Video


Picture perfect

Picture perfect

Q. I want our photographer to capture beautiful images at our wedding, but I'm really camera shy. How can I get around this?

A. Sarita White says: If you're camera shy, choose a photographer with a documentary style to capture natural photos without you feeling uncomfortable in forced poses. Feeling relaxed is a huge factor when choosing a company, which is why it's so important to meet the supplier and make sure you all get along. We actually end up being friends with a lot of our clients and this has helped them feel more at ease in front of the lens. 

We've found that even the most camera-shy people have a lot more confidence on their wedding day because it's not only the best day of their lives, but they look and feel a million dollars.

Sarita White, Sarita White Photography


Moments that matter

Moments that matter

Q. What should I take into consideration before booking my photographer?

A. Hayley Masom says: Every photographer has a different way of working, some have a documentary style while others have a more natural approach and will not undertake any staged situations.

Sit down as a couple with the supplier and discuss what you both want from the day in person or via Zoom – this allows the photographer to understand what you're looking for.

Decide where the photographer should be on the morning of the wedding. If there's only one photographer, capturing getting ready shots can be difficult if you also want photos of the groom and guests arriving at the venue.

Supply the company with a timeline of events and organised family/group shots to ensure nothing else planned gets delayed.

Many couples don't think about what happens if the photographer is ill or can't make the day. Illness can happen at any time, and here at Captcha Photography we have multiple photographers in our team and wedding insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstance.

Many photographers offer deals and packages to couples which include a limited number of images; it's essential to ask who will make the decision on which ones are picked to work on. Also, if digital images are supplied, always confirm what quality/resolution these will be.

Hayley Masom, Captcha Photography


Picture perfect

Picture perfect

Q. What should we take into consideration before booking a photographer for our wedding? 

A. Derek McAllister says: There's a few things you'll need to consider before booking your photographer, one of the most important elements is whether you like that photographer's style and does it go with theme of the wedding day?

Another question that gets overlooked is if they make you feel comfortable and are you happy with them photographing your most special day? I think it's vital that a couple meet up with any prospective photographer in advance, this could be at a wedding fair, at home or even through a video call. You can start that dialogue back and forth once you meet and get a feel for each other. You'll begin to build that confidence and feel at ease in front of the camera. When there's a bond between a couple and their photographer, it shines through the pictures and you'll have memories to treasure forever.

Derek McAllister, Derek McAllister Photography


Picture perfect

Picture perfect

Q. We're having a winter wedding, but what do we need to take into consideration to ensure we still get the perfect images?

A. Andrew Cooper says: One of the big myths I find as a wedding photographer is that couples are worried that winter weather and shorter daylight hours will mean they cannot get their dream wedding photos. When a couple is choosing a winter wedding, I'd always offer the following key considerations:

- Plan for rain and be pleasantly surprised if it's dry.
- Make sure the venue is beautiful inside in case it rains all day.
- Ensure your photographer walks the venue with you beforehand at the planning meeting to work out indoor and outdoor options of portraits rather than waste time on the day thinking about it.
- Choose a photographer who can work creatively with flash and wider photographer lighting.
- Factor in enough time for creative lighting photography.
- Make sure you've seen plenty of winter wedding photography from the photographer before committing to use them.
- Remember when creating a schedule that daylight hours are reduced in winter.

Andrew Cooper, Stark Weddings


Capture the moment

Capture the moment

Q. I want to treasure my wedding images for years to come, what advice do you have for picking the perfect photographer?

A. Estelle Keeber says: First and foremost, you need to have a good relationship with the person who is shooting your wedding. Having an engagement shoot allows time to get a feel for one another and make sure you're on the same page.

If my clients say I'm not the one for them after a pre-wedding shoot, they only have to pay for that. But if they decide to book with me, its my thank you gift to them – so far I've never had anyone not book! Giving my clients this chance means they can rest assured they've made the right decision and not a hasty one.

Choosing a wedding photographer is a big decision and one that shouldn't be rushed. Do your research and look at previous work, but always go with what feels right! This is your day; the supplier should do everything in their power to capture it in a way you'll treasure!

Estelle Keeber, Love Photography 13 Weddings


Capture the moment

Capture the moment

Q. I'm really shy when having my photo taken, but how can I ever get around this?

A. Nick Shoot says: I'd always advise you to get to know your photographer; if you click (no pun intended) and can have fun with them, it will help immensely on the day. Request a pre-wedding shoot if they don't offer one, and always include the bridal preparation shoot. These simple things can help you feel at ease with the camera.

Most importantly, speak to your photographer about your worries and concerns. The right supplier will be able to adapt their style to one that's less imposing if needed, making you feel much more comfortable on your special day and help to remove those fears.

I'd also suggest doing a little bit of research to get a feeling for wedding shots and styles you like, then speak with the photographer and find one that excels in natural shots, documentary or journalistic-style images. These can be less imposing and still achieve excellent pictures of your day.

Above all else, remember it's your day and you need to choose a photographer that's interested in your story.

Nick Shoot, Nick Shoot Photography

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