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The dream team

The dream team

Q. We're looking for a wedding photographer, but we're worried about booking someone we've never met online. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Megan Wilson says: There are plenty of ways to make sure you're picking the right wedding photographer for your big day. If booking someone you've never met is niggling at your list of wedding things to worry about, here are my top three tips.

Doing plenty of research will help gauge whether a photographer is right for you. Their style and personality will usually be shouted from the rooftops on their website and social media pages, so get searching and scrolling. A photographer spends a long time developing their style, so depending on whether you love light and airy or dark and moody shots, find a photographer whose work you absolutely love.

Most of my clients don't meet me in person before their big day, but a Zoom call is an excellent way to break the ice, ask any questions you may have and see if you all get along. Ask many questions as a great photographer will put your mind at ease and reassure you.

Megan Wilson, Captured by Megan Wilson


Say cheese!

Say cheese!

Q. Many photographers offer an engagement shoot, but we're camera shy and don't know if it's for us. What are the benefits?

A. Gavin Read says: Not everyone loves being in front of the camera, but it's not every day you get married! Engagement shoots help you get acquainted with your photographer and the camera in their hand in a more relaxed environment that's not time-restricted. The shoot gives you the chance to see the supplier's people skills, and provides the photographer with an opportunity to see how you react in front of a camera. Here they can learn how to best put you to ease, what type of pictures you like and more. For anyone who is camera-shy, we recommend a pre-wedding shoot more than ever. There's nothing worse than turning up at the ceremony, at this point you're probably most nervous, and suddenly having a photographer point a camera at you for the first time without knowing what to expect.

Your photographer is one of your few suppliers who are with you for the entire day. So a good relationship is vital, and you'll soon enjoy having your photos taken more than you imagined.

Gavin Read, Lincolnshire Photographers




Q. Lots of photographers offer an engagement shoot, but we're camera shy and don't know if it's for us. What would the benefits be?

A. Nathan O’Brien says: An engagement shoot is a great way to get to know your photographer before the day and see their style of photography. It also gives the company an idea of how to get you engaged and capture those stunning shots without impeding your day.

Building your confidence is another good reason to take the team up on their offer; let them showcase their talent and see how amazing the results will be. It's also often free and would be a fun experience for you both – you'll even be able to update social media channels too!

Nathan O’Brien, Nathan O’Brien Photography


Capturing memories

Capturing memories

Q. How can we capture amazing outdoor pictures at our spring wedding if we experience bad weather?

A. Daniel Burton says: I always come to weddings armed with a boot full of umbrellas, waterproof covers for my gear, and even a poncho. We can go outside and capture some great shots even if it rains by using these items or any tree cover available. For example, this beautiful shot features a couple in the rain.

Hopefully, you'll be in the mindset to embrace your day no matter the weather and have maximum fun. As well as various umbrella options, I use off-camera flash and coloured gels to capture great shots. I can also add different effects to outside shots to light up trees and venues or liven up inside pictures on a rainy day.

Daniel Burton, Daniel Burton Photography


Spring fever

Spring fever

Q. We're getting married next spring and would like some shots that reflect the season. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Derek McAllister says: Spring is a fantastic time of year for weddings as it represents the rebirth of new beginnings – perfect to symbolise the start of your married life together.

There are many options where the photoshoot location can take place, and you'll get the opportunity to have some fantastic background colours from the early blooming flowers, including pansies, daffodils and tulips.

You can pick from a local park, the grounds of a castle or even a botanical garden. Just remember, the space should have plenty of bright colours such as greens, purples and whites to complement your photographs.

Remember, it's important to have a backup plan as the weather in the UK during this time of year can be very unpredictable. Have a chat with your photographer to make sure they know your preferred location; they might also have suggestions for other spots if the weather does decide to misbehave.

Derek McAllister, Derek McAllister Photography


Caught on camera

Caught on camera

Q. Our big day is fast approaching and we're thinking of booking a videographer, but we're not sure what to look for. Do you have any tips?

A. Georgia Lomas says: Booking a videographer can be a big investment and decision to make. Good wedding companies will be booked up way in advance, so make sure you plan ahead. If you have a tight budget, look for new companies who may be offering an introduction package to build their portfolios. It's also a good idea to look for a local business as you could save on fuel and travel costs.

When looking for a wedding videographer, it's a good idea to get some recommendations. There are many fantastic wedding support groups on social media pages where couples can ask for recommendations or advice on anything wedding related. Check out the company's customer testimonials and online reviews too.

Always check out the wedding portfolio videos as well because videographers have a range of styles; watch the clips to see what one you like the best.

Here at GeeK Video, we film in a documentary style, which means all your footage will be natural and captured in the moment.

Georgia Lomas, GeeK Video


Picture perfect

Picture perfect

Q. I want our photographer to capture beautiful images at our wedding, but I'm really camera shy. How can I get around this?

A. Sarita White says: If you're camera shy, choose a photographer with a documentary style to capture natural photos without you feeling uncomfortable in forced poses. Feeling relaxed is a huge factor when choosing a company, which is why it's so important to meet the supplier and make sure you all get along. We actually end up being friends with a lot of our clients and this has helped them feel more at ease in front of the lens. 

We've found that even the most camera-shy people have a lot more confidence on their wedding day because it's not only the best day of their lives, but they look and feel a million dollars.

Sarita White, Sarita White Photography


Moments that matter

Moments that matter

Q. What should I take into consideration before booking my photographer?

A. Hayley Masom says: Every photographer has a different way of working, some have a documentary style while others have a more natural approach and will not undertake any staged situations.

Sit down as a couple with the supplier and discuss what you both want from the day in person or via Zoom – this allows the photographer to understand what you're looking for.

Decide where the photographer should be on the morning of the wedding. If there's only one photographer, capturing getting ready shots can be difficult if you also want photos of the groom and guests arriving at the venue.

Supply the company with a timeline of events and organised family/group shots to ensure nothing else planned gets delayed.

Many couples don't think about what happens if the photographer is ill or can't make the day. Illness can happen at any time, and here at Captcha Photography we have multiple photographers in our team and wedding insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstance.

Many photographers offer deals and packages to couples which include a limited number of images; it's essential to ask who will make the decision on which ones are picked to work on. Also, if digital images are supplied, always confirm what quality/resolution these will be.

Hayley Masom, Captcha Photography