FAQs and expert advice about favours

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The sweet stuff

The sweet stuff

Q. We've started to plan our wedding favours; what advice can you share with us?

A. Kathryn Hague says: Favours are a nice little touch on your wedding day and are a great way to thank your guests for their attendance. Weddings are expensive in general; so it's important to make sure you find favours that your guests will love and want to take home. When you don't think things like this through, you risk people leaving them behind, which can often feel like a waste of money. Our advice is to keep things pretty simple and go with your guests' general preferences while keeping your budget in mind.

Wedding favours can be whatever you want them to be, such as something that goes with the food being served or they could be something tangible that your guests can take away.

If your wedding is on the more traditional side, perhaps you want to have traditional favours like sugared almonds. If your day is more modern, go for some tasty sweets or mini cakes.

Kathryn Hague, Wholesale Sweets