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Cake expectations

Cake expectations

Q. For our summer wedding, I'm worried about the heat and how it will affect our cake. What should we take into consideration?

A. Zoe Henderson says: Heat is every cake designer's nightmare! I had ganache and buttercream cakes to deliver and set up on one of the hottest bank holiday weekends last year. I make the bakes a day or so in advance to give it time to chill and then fill before coating. All buttercream cakes are then refrigerated, so they're nice and cold for delivery. Most venues are air-conditioned, but I leave set-up to the last minute when it's really hot as buttercream can melt quickly – and never display by a window! If you're worried about the heat a naked, semi-naked or fondant design withstands it much better than buttercream and ganache ones.

Zoe Henderson,Delicious Designs


Tiers of joy

Tiers of joy

Q. For our summer wedding, we want a cake that fits in perfectly with our wedding, but we have no idea where to start. What advice do you have for us?

A. Red Robin Cakery says: Summer wedding cakes should be all about fresh, vibrant and floral looks. Start by choosing light and summery flavours by speaking to your cake maker about the options available. We offer a lemon elderflower, which suits a summer wedding well – people don't want heavy chocolate cake on a hot day. Naked and seminaked cakes fit perfectly into this time of year and are the best canvas to fill with fresh fruits and flowers to complement the sun. Another bonus with these types of bakes is their ability to withstand heat. Fondant covered cakes can't be refrigerated so once delivered, it will have to be out all day. Buttercream, naked and semi-naked cakes can all be chilled to help them fight the heat. But, most importantly, pick a cake design that suits you and the wedding day.

Red Robin Cakery,Sophie Poole


Cake expectations

Cake expectations

Q. For our wedding, we want a cake with a difference. What are the up and coming cake trends set for this year?

A. Sophie Poole says: We're seeing lots of new and exciting trends appearing for wedding cakes in 2020, with a definite rise in our orders for dessert tables. Still new on the block, a dessert table is a showstopping alternative to a wedding cake. Whether it's a table full of brownies, cupcakes and macaroons, or extra goodies – you'll be bang on-trend.

There has been a certain sway from the popular semi-naked cakes into textured buttercream decorated with fresh flowers, similar to Harry and Meghan's wedding cake, which makes a great modern alternative to a traditional sugar paste cake. Or you could add a splash of colour with icing smudges by using a palette knife to match the colour-theme, which adds another element to the texture.

We've also noticed a move away from the 2019 trend of marbling, towards handpainting. This is an amazing way of adding subtle colour to your cake without it being too blocky or not looking right.

We can add streaks, ombre or a cascading effect down the tiers and the use of gold leaf and sugar flowers will ensure you have an amazing cake.

Sophie Poole,Red Robin Cakery


Cake on a budget

Cake on a budget

Q. We have a huge guest list and I'm worried that to have a cake large enough it'll be way over our budget. What can we do?

A. Dawn Wilson says: There are ways in which to keep within your budget. Cake designers have many tricks up their sleeves for creating similar designs but using less skill, time and less expensive methods. This will ensure a fabulous finish but at less cost, which always helps when you're trying to provide enough portions to cover all of your guests. It's possible to gain extra portions by speaking with your venue and asking them to cut the cake horizontally as well as vertically, providing you have enough layers in each tier.

The best advice is to speak with your supplier, explain that you want as many portions as possible within your budget and they'll be more than happy to help you achieve this.

Dawn Wilson

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