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Happy planning

Happy planning

Q. I have so many ideas for our wedding day, but I have no idea where to start and it's stressing me out! What advice can you share with me to help plan the big day?

A. Hannah Rose says: Sit down as a couple and have a conversation about how you would envisage your wedding day. So many couples I meet with for planning sessions have a very different idea of what they want and haven't given each other a clear vision of their ideal day. At this point, forget the venue and the photographer, think about the style of wedding you can imagine yourself having – are you thinking informal or formal and would it be summer or winter? Once you have an idea of style, you can then start to look at venues and suppliers who match the feel for your day.

Think, what does your wedding mean to you? Do you have a large family who you want to involve in your celebrations or is this day all about you as a couple and would like a more intimate occasion?
Once you've broken it down completely and know what it is that you want, you'll start to feel less stressed and overwhelmed with your ideas coming together.

I'd also advise booking a complimentary 30-minute consultation with ourselves over on our website to guide you on where to start!

Hannah Rose,Complete Rose Events