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Exchanging love

Exchanging love

Q. We want a personal wedding, and a friend mentioned hiring a celebrant for the ceremony. What are the benefits of having one on our special day?

A. Ruby Adds says: Independent celebrants will work with clients to create a beautiful, meaningful wedding ceremony that reflects you both. The experience will be truly unique, while depicting your love story in any chosen location; you can exchange vows during a formal service in a stunning stately home, on a remote beach, at a large woodland gathering or during an intimate garden party at your family home. 

Your bespoke ceremony can include poetry, prayers, readings, music, religious content from any faith as well as beautiful rituals such as hand-tying, wine, rose or sand ceremonies. The possibilities are endless and very exciting.

Ruby Adds, Love Birds, Weddings & Events


Dream day

Dream day

Q. What are the benefits of hiring a celebrant for our wedding day?

A. Natalie Beer says: A celebrant-led ceremony means that it can be fully bespoke, personal to a couple and exactly as desired. This could be more traditional aspects like readings, vows and ring exchange or perhaps pagan traditions such as handfasting or jumping the broom. Many celebrants love the unusual too, so if you want a moonlit ceremony under the stars, many of us would be fully on board for creating a night-time ceremony.

This celebrant-led ceremonies can take place in any location (with the owner/landholder's permission) including but not limited to venues registrars work in. This means that an outdoor space or unregistered venue that you've got your heart set on can be the location of your dream day. A celebrant will usually book one couple a day, so you have complete flexibility around what time you wish your ceremony to start rather than possibly having to fit around other couples on the day.

Natalie Beer, Velvet Moon Ceremonies


Perfectly personal

Perfectly personal

Q. What are the benefits of having a celebrant on our special day?

A. Karen Faulkner says: A humanist celebrant conducts your non-religious wedding ceremony for you instead of a registrar. Rather than reading out a fixed script that's been heard thousands of times before, I write a bespoke ceremony that's meaningful to you. I become part of your wedding team, working together to create a ceremony as fabulous as the rest of your day!

As well as traditional ceremony elements, we include special features that make the ceremony super memorable: whether that's including family, guests, your precious pooch, or symbolising your marriage by doing something a bit different. Every element is personalised; I tell a couple's story to reflect on the adventure and I support couples to write their own vows if desired.

On the big day I'll set the tone, be a friendly face at the end of the aisle and always try to keep out of those important photos. Your ceremony doesn't need to be inside a licensed structure; it can be outside or somewhere truly special.

Celebrants are committed to making the ceremony a highlight of the day, not the bit some couples might dread!

Karen Faulkner, Stand Out Ceremonies

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