Bridal beauty

Bridal beauty

Q. We're having a country garden wedding next summer, and I'd love to have fresh-faced and dewy skin. How do I achieve this?

A. Alaina Turner says: A great base will achieve the 'your-skin-but-better' dewy look. In the lead up to your wedding, be on top of your moisturising game. Make sure to drink lots of water and wear a daily SPF.

Without getting too techy, upgrade to a BHA ( beta hydroxy acid) exfoliant. Don't let the name acid scare you, as this is much gentler then other products and helps to reduce redness over the traditional face scrub, while still removing dead skin cells.

When you get to the big day, start with a hydrating primer – my holy grail is the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base. Apply lightweight foundation such as The Ordinary Serum Foundation and build-up coverage where needed with concealer – the Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer is amazing.

Keep things fresh with a cream contour and blush rather than powder versions. Then lightly set oily areas of the face with a finely-milled powder such as the cult classic Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. Finally, lock in the products with a spritz of a dewy setting spray all over the face with the Charlotte Tilbury's Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray, or try the MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Spray Goldlite for extra sparkle.

Alaina Turner, Derbyshire Bride


Love is in the hair

Love is in the hair

Q. My hair suffers from breakage due to heat damage, and I'd love to get my healthy locks back. What would you suggest?

A. Robyn Wood says: It's never too early to start getting your locks in tip-top condition for your wedding; the earlier you start, the better. Firstly, you can't repair hair that's already split or broken. Instead, book an appointment with a trusted stylist for a trim to take off any dead ends. Book regular sessions every 10 to 12 weeks to keep your hair healthy.

Try and minimise the amount of heat-styling tools you use, and always use heat-protection spray when you do. It's also important to use a goodquality shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type and include a hair treatment weekly or every other week. Wash and towel dry your hair before applying a hair mask and brushing it through. Then wrap your locks in a warm towel for an hour before rinsing with cool water.

Another game-changer is to use a leave-in treatment spray or oil. Apply the product to the ends of damp hair after every wash to protect the strands from everyday wear and tear.

Finally, hair supplements are an excellent long-term way to get your hair to grow faster and stronger.

Robyn Wood, Perfect Silhouette Hairdressing


Looking your best

Looking your best

Q. I'm worried about the weather ruining my hair at our December wedding. Do you have ideas or styles I should go for to ensure I look great all day?

A. Robyn Wood says: Unfortunately, the weather is one thing you can't control on your wedding day, but there are a few tips to consider when picking a hairstyle.

Firstly, try not to worry too much about your hair because if there's torrential rain on the day, which happens to be good luck, then the chances of getting outdoor photos are slim.

Wearing your hair up is the obvious choice to keep everything looking its best in bad weather. Each strand will be secured and smoothed with products (even with textured looks), so you won't have to worry about it anything blowing around or going frizzy.

Consider if your hair holds a curl well if you're looking to wear your hair down or in a half-up half-down style. If not, the curls might not withstand the wind or the damp.

Ultimately, try not to worry about anything too much and chat through any concerns with your stylist – we all know plenty of tricks to keep your hair looking perfect all day, whatever the weather!

Robyn Wood, Perfect Silhouette Hairdressing


Look your best

Look your best

Q. I'm looking for an eyeshadow look to make my blue eyes pop, what would you suggest? 

A. Natalie Clarke says: To achieve a showstopping eye look on your special day, opt for warm orange tones in the eye crease and a soft muted brown on the outer corner. Use a light eye pigment in copper or bronze on the lid and choose either a brown liquid or pencil liner to create a natural make-up look. If you're after a more dramatic eye, add false lashes.

Here are a few shades/palettes that will make your blue eyes pop...

- NARS Voyageur Eyeshadow Palette Nectar

- Viseart Spritz Edit Eyeshadow Palette

- Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette Pillowtalk

- Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette Desert Haze

- MAC Pigment Colour Powder in Tan

Natalie Clarke, Makeup Studio 4.6