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A passion for fashion

A passion for fashion

Q. I have a pear-shaped figure. What style of dress do you recommend to show my shape off?

A. Sophie Coulthard says: We find that every bride looks different in each dress and wants to feel special. Some people like to embrace their shape and curves, while others want to disguise them. For us, it's essential to help our bride find whatever shape makes her feel undoubtedly an elevated version of herself. For those wanting to show off their incredible shape, we would suggest a fit and flare gown with a Bardot line or some detail up top to balance the whole look. Then for the bride wanting to disguise her curves, opt for an A-line or fuller gown that cinches in at the waist for an hourglass silhouette.

Sophie Coulthard, Ivory White Bridal


Dress sense

Dress sense

Q. What styles and fabrics would you suggest for a January wedding?

A. Tina Wade says: Weddings in January can be so romantic but ensuring you're warm enough is essential to enjoying your special day.

Winter wedding dresses are traditionally fuller-bodied gowns with elegant sleeves, lace or sparkle details – just like our Rosa Clara gown called Calea. We've seen wedding gown traditions become more relaxed in more recent years, allowing more freedom in style choices.

Materials for wedding dresses can vary, and some are better than others depending on the season. Heavier fabrics are thicker and means you'll be warm while still looking amazing.

As well as the gown, don't forget about shawls and shrugs that can be a warm addition that's still stylish – fur and velvet materials are perfect for winter.

Here at Iconic Bride, we've recently opened our new bridesmaid store with beautiful dresses in warm tones for winter with red, burnt orange and emerald shades. Each one would look great with a shawl or shrug to match the bride.

Tina Wade, Iconic Bride


Dressed to impress

Dressed to impress

Q. What tips can you share when it comes to creating a bespoke gown? 

A. Caroline Chamberlain says: When it comes to creating a bespoke gown, the designer needs to get to know you and your desired look. It's always good to collect images representing the mood and tone of the wedding, either on Pinterest or the old-fashioned way with magazine cuttings! 

I always have a couple of initial meetings with my brides to talk through ideas, choose fabric samples and create sketch ideas. Save images of the kind of styles you like, even if it's just a small detail like necklines, skirt shapes or sleeves as this will help the design process.

You can try on dresses at this stage from my range to see what suits you best – try on lots of styles and keep an open mind. Once you have picked a style, make sure to have your intended underwear when the measurements are taken to ensure a perfect fit.

During the first fitting, you can make as many changes as needed before the fabric is cut. It's so important to always speak up and talk to your dressmaker about any worries or ideas you may have.

Caroline Chamberlain, Caroline Chamberlain Couture


Say yes to the dress

Say yes to the dress

Q. I'm having a boho-style wedding and I'm looking to add the final touches to my look. What would you suggest?

A. Anna Szumilewicz says: When it comes to adding boho-style touches to your bridal look, there are many different takes on the style to work with. But the boho roots are bonded with free, romantic souls who fell in love with nature and are into vintage ideas.

For a modern hippie-chic style, I suggest a botanical-inspired hairvine, hairpins or eye-catching earrings depending on your personal preference.

Another option is focusing on nature by incorporating flowers and leaves into the look. Or why not opt for undefined, geometrical and minimal-style patterns?

Some brides are brave and chose a boho-luxe theme and add semi-precious stones, beads and gold to make a statement look.

You can even create an eclectic mix of everything above, but the most crucial factor is wearing accessories you're comfortable in.

Anna Szumilewicz, Aureus Flos