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Dressed to impress

Dressed to impress

Q. What tips can you share when it comes to creating a bespoke gown? 

A. Caroline Chamberlain says: When it comes to creating a bespoke gown, the designer needs to get to know you and your desired look. It's always good to collect images representing the mood and tone of the wedding, either on Pinterest or the old-fashioned way with magazine cuttings! 

I always have a couple of initial meetings with my brides to talk through ideas, choose fabric samples and create sketch ideas. Save images of the kind of styles you like, even if it's just a small detail like necklines, skirt shapes or sleeves as this will help the design process.

You can try on dresses at this stage from my range to see what suits you best – try on lots of styles and keep an open mind. Once you have picked a style, make sure to have your intended underwear when the measurements are taken to ensure a perfect fit.

During the first fitting, you can make as many changes as needed before the fabric is cut. It's so important to always speak up and talk to your dressmaker about any worries or ideas you may have.

Caroline Chamberlain, Caroline Chamberlain Couture


Say yes to the dress

Say yes to the dress

Q. I'm having a boho-style wedding and I'm looking to add the final touches to my look. What would you suggest?

A. Anna Szumilewicz says: When it comes to adding boho-style touches to your bridal look, there are many different takes on the style to work with. But the boho roots are bonded with free, romantic souls who fell in love with nature and are into vintage ideas.

For a modern hippie-chic style, I suggest a botanical-inspired hairvine, hairpins or eye-catching earrings depending on your personal preference.

Another option is focusing on nature by incorporating flowers and leaves into the look. Or why not opt for undefined, geometrical and minimal-style patterns?

Some brides are brave and chose a boho-luxe theme and add semi-precious stones, beads and gold to make a statement look.

You can even create an eclectic mix of everything above, but the most crucial factor is wearing accessories you're comfortable in.

Anna Szumilewicz, Aureus Flos


Finding the one

Finding the one

Q. I'd love a princess style-dress, but because of my height, I'm worried I'll be swamped. What gown will suit my small frame?

A. Anna-Marie says: Princess wedding dresses come in a range of lengths and can be custom made or altered to suit any bride perfectly, depending on the designer. A princess dress can be an option for a short bride, as long as you get the sizing and detailing right. Alternatively, an A-line wedding dress, which isn't as dramatic in size can be an absolute showstopper! With the right detail and accessories, you can create the fairytale look you're aiming to achieve. Your height should never be an obstacle to finding your dream dress as long as you have the right bridal stylist to help!

Anna-Marie, Ashleigh Richards


Say ‘yes’ to the dress

Say ‘yes’ to the dress

Q. I'm looking for an elegant dress that's easy to move in because I plan to dance the night away during our big day. What would you suggest? 

A. Caroline Chamberlain says: A boho inspired dress is a great look to go for if you're looking for something elegant and easy to move in. Bohemian inspired gowns are usually made using soft lightweight fabrics such as tulles, lace or chiffon, which makes them very easy to wear. They lend themselves to a more relaxed look but still very fitting for the occasion and definitely a style you can dance the night away in! A gown with pretty straps works well, as not so much boning would be needed or in fact none at all – it would be less restrictive. You'd probably want to steer clear of too big a skirt and keep it fairly slim fitting without too many layers or a big train. This sort of gown means you can put on the dress the morning of your wedding and feel so comfortable you won't think about your gown all day! This will leave you free to party the night away and enjoy the most special day.

Image credit: www.kevelkinsphotography.co.uk

Caroline Chamberlain


Emphasise your beautiful curves

Emphasise your beautiful curves

Q. I'm a curvy girl and would love to show off my figure on my wedding day, what styles would best suit my hourglass shape?

A. Anna Wood says: A structured trumpet or fishtail dress will emphasise your hourglass shape and show off your beautiful curves. However, if you're looking for a more subtle look an A-line dress will accentuate your waist and float elegantly to the floor. It's important with whichever style that you choose, the dress has good structure to give you support and comfort in the dress. A high back is ideal as this means that you have the option to wear a bra. If you have a large bust a thicker strap will help you feel more supported. An A-symmetrical pattern is ideal if you want to draw the eye away from certain parts of your body that you feel less confident about.

Anna Wood


Look your best

Look your best

Q. I'm a curvy girl and want to accentuate my natural curves in a soft, romantic dress. What would you suggest?

A. Jess Seaman says: Jess says: A big tulle or satin skirt can feel amazing to swish around in but a more fitted or slimmer shape will often elongate and show off more of your curves. I'd recommend either a bias cut dress by Charlie Brear for a natural figure-hugging look or a fitted Jesus Peiro crepe dress with a soft fit-and-flare shaping.

For a softer, more romantic look, you can combine a slim-cut dress with a chiffon or lace overlay to achieve that flowing, boho skirt effect while still making the most of those amazing curves. Rembo Styling's 2020 collection includes its Embrace line, which adapts some of its low-back dresses so they can easily be worn with a bra without compromising the signature Rembo look.

One more thing, never underestimate the power of your bridal underwear to help you feel both comfortable and confident on your big day!

Jess Seaman

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