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A perfect day

A perfect day

Q. We want everyone to have an excellent time on our wedding day. How can we make sure little ones are entertained throughout the day?

A. Ami Davis says: Ensure all guests stay until the end of your special day by keeping the children entertained, supervised and having the best time while making memories. Keep those beautiful outfits pristine with non-messy crafts, board games, books, a soft play area, role play, space hoppers, giant games, baby sensory/musical activities or even a movie set up in the evening. The children can come and go as much as they want, so they don't miss out on the reception party. They'll love coming together to play with their friends, siblings or cousins where they can enjoy every second of the day. 

Here at Sweetheart Nannies, we'll provide a full-mobile creche set up for all ages between 0 to 12-years-old, with activities suited to the age range you have attending on the day with professional, qualified nannies to keep an eye on the little ones.

Ami Davis, Sweetheart Nannies