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Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly

Q We're planning our wedding with a small budget; how can we keep the cost down?
A Faye Winn says: There are many ways to keep costs minimal when organising your wedding day. Creating that special, memorable day doesn't need to cost the earth to be stylish! Your standout venue decorations, gorgeous gowns, or guest entertainment can be purchased at lower costs, while still creating that amazing wedding everyone will discuss.

Items that may only be used for the event, such as lighting, cutlery, games and props can all be hired to stop you from overspending unnecessarily on pieces. After your big day, hand them back – it's as easy as that!

Why not buy preloved? You can still get that designer wedding dress or those stunning floral bouquets you've always wanted if you just know where to look! Online marketplaces such as Sell My Wedding aim to provide a cost-effective, individual buying experience that ultimately results in your dream wedding day. You'll find everything from the dress, décor, designer and DIY pieces, saving you those all-important pennies!

Faye Winn, Sell My Wedding



Q We're looking for wedding inspiration to show our suppliers, what advice can you share when it comes to creating a mood board?
A Rea Shaw says: Mood boards are a great wedding tool that can provide clarity during planning. Not only can they help narrow down your choices if you're feeling overwhelmed with ideas, but you can also share them with other suppliers to help communicate your vision more clearly.

Start offline, as you're more likely to end up down a rabbit hole otherwise! Look at the magazines you like reading first. It doesn't have to be wedding related; it could be fashion, home interiors or travel – whatever interests you. Visit your local haberdashery to pick up swatches of your favourite colours and textures of materials, even ribbons and trims. You could even pop to your local hardware store to pick up some paint charts – choose whatever you're drawn to the most. Then, it's time to narrow down your options.

Lay all your items out so you can see everything before considering what goes together and what excites you the most. Keep moving things around before you pin everything down on a board. Ask yourself, do these colours represent the season you're getting married in? Will this style fit in with the kind of venue you want, and is the atmosphere what you're aiming for? If not, keep going until you're happy. Words are powerful and can help guide your choices. So, name your mood board to summarise the overall vibe or pick three keywords that describe it. Check everything aligns with your words whenever you're making a decision. When you get to this stage, put your mood board somewhere you can see it. If you look at it every day and feel excited, you're clearly on your way to creating your dream day. I offer The Creative Kickstart service to help create a clear vision if you need extra help, so you feel confident moving forward.

Rea Shaw, Confetti Sweethearts

Eliminate wedding stress

Eliminate wedding stress

Q Our wedding is quickly approaching; what advice can you share for a stress-free day?
A Charlotte Narciso says: Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life, so feeling joyful and not stressed should be a top priority! Following these simple hints and tips will give you a day to remember for all the right reasons!

- Be organised and create a checklist for the day to run smoothly.

- Create a timeline, so everyone knows what's going on throughout the day.

- Make a wedding website with all the information people need to know before and on the big day. That way, you won't get asked many questions in the run-up to the event.

- Enjoy some pamper time for yourself before the big day.

- Allow your suppliers/venue to manage the order of the day.

- Aim to be ready 30 minutes before your ceremony; this allows you to feel relaxed and no one is running around at the last minute.

- The best and final advice for a stress-free wedding day is to relax as you've done everything possible to create the perfect day. Now is the time to enjoy yourself and be present in the moment.

Charlotte Narciso, Barnsdale Gardens

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