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Eliminate wedding stress

Eliminate wedding stress

Q. Our wedding is quickly approaching; what advice can you share for a stress-free day?

A. Charlotte Narciso says: Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life, so feeling joyful and not stressed should be a top priority! Following these simple hints and tips will give you a day to remember for all the right reasons!

- Be organised and create a checklist for the day to run smoothly.

- Create a timeline, so everyone knows what's going on throughout the day.

- Make a wedding website with all the information people need to know before and on the big day. That way, you won't get asked many questions in the run-up to the event.

- Enjoy some pamper time for yourself before the big day.

- Allow your suppliers/venue to manage the order of the day.

- Aim to be ready 30 minutes before your ceremony; this allows you to feel relaxed and no one is running around at the last minute.

- The best and final advice for a stress-free wedding day is to relax as you've done everything possible to create the perfect day. Now is the time to enjoy yourself and be present in the moment.

Charlotte Narciso, Barnsdale Gardens